Message from the Senior Director of Development & Alumni Affairs

The College of Pharmacy is well on its way to reaching its Go Greater goal.

By: Elizabeth Zipper


Dear Alumni and Friends,

In October 2017, we embarked on the public phase of the Go Greater campaign in support of the university’s greatest initiatives. The College of Pharmacy celebrated this launch by reaching the 50 percent mark in our eight-year fundraising goal of $35 million. We are excited to share with you that, to date, we have raised roughly 65 percent, or $22.7 million. 

The funds raised have already accomplished remarkable things in support of our faculty, students and college initiatives. Faculty efforts have been bolstered through professorships and research support. Our students have been awarded prestigious recruitment and merit-based scholarships. And, for the past four years, every student’s white coat has been fully supported by our alumni and friends. Our fundraising goals are only helpful, because they keep us focused on what’s important. Within our pillar areas of drug discovery, drug safety, precision medicine and innovative patient care, our internationally renowned faculty are tackling the world’s most pressing health-related issues and educating our future practitioners and researchers.

Big goals take dedication and action. Our request is that you consider whether your philanthropic goals align with any of the college’s focus areas or priorities. Compared to our fellow University of Florida colleges, the College of Pharmacy ranks 6th out of 16 in alumni participation (alumni who give back, even $1, to their college). With 12,500 alums, we know we can do better. Every gift truly matters to the faculty and students who receive it.

Go Gators!
Elizabeth Zipper
Senior Director of Development & Alumni Affairs